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Hydraulic Filtration

The Hydraulic Centre are fully aware of the importance of efficient hydraulic filtration systems to hydraulic design and maintenance. We have invested heavily in diagnostic equipment so that we can investigate hydraulic filtration problems and recommend effective solutions.

It is not generally known, but 80% of all hydraulic failures can be directly attributed to dirty hydraulic fluid.

Dirt affects the components of a hydraulic system in the following ways:


  • erodes wear plates
  • causes sticking of vanes creating erratic action
  • causes the vanes to wear out the cam ring
  • wears out rotor slots
  • wears out pistons and gears

Relief Valves

  • causes seat wear
  • causes chatter and valve failure

Directional Valves

  • causes wear to spool and housing lands, creating excessive leakage
  • plugs orifices
  • causes spools to stick with resultant solenoid failure

Check Valves

  • dirt in valves permits fluid to by-pass check
  • causes wear on ball and seats creating leakage

Flow Control Valves

  • causes erosion of sharp edges affecting metering


  • causes excessive wear to cylinder rods and bores

Stock levels

We stock filters from the following companies:
Hydac, LHA, Pall, Parker, Sofima, UCC

Outside of the manufacturers we hold probably the largest stocks in the country.

We also carry large stocks of suction strainers, filler breathers, spin on filters and clogging indicators

Off-line filtration

If your hydraulic oil is contaminated it may be possible to rectify the situation by hydraulic filtering out the impurities and removing water.

We can supply off-line filtration units to solve these particular problems. These include a range of systems that will clean down to 0.5 micron absolute. This filter can even remove water.

To rectify high levels of water and heavy particulate contamination, The Hydraulic Centre can provide Hydac equipment either for sale or hire.

The Fluid Aqua Mobile (FAM)

FAM units are designed to remove free and emulsified water and water in solution from hydraulic and lubricating systems. Flow rates 6/15/30/50 litres/min

Filtration and service

The Hydraulic Centre has a number of on-site engineers to assist in problem solving and fault finding. In addition to removing the contaminants we will investigate the causes of dirt ingress into systems and propose solutions to cure all difficulties caused by hydraulic contamination.

To meet all your filtration requirements call The Hydraulic Centre.

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