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In 2004 The Hydraulic Centre was appointed as the exclusive Huade Distributor for valves for the UK marketplace.

Beijing Hydraulic Company Ltd

1Beijing Hua De Foundry Co Ltd. is one of the leading hydraulics manufacturers in China.  It was jointly established in the late 1970s,  by the Chinese company Beijing Hydraulic Industrial Corporation and a major German manufacturer.   From October 2000 the company became wholly owned by Beijing Hydraulic and its products are branded as Huade.

32The company was established with a complete set of advanced foundry equipment together with existing production know-how.  The workers were trained on this equipment by their German partner. 

Building on this extensive experience in the foundry and hydraulics industry, they now produce top quality castings from grey iron, ductile iron and special alloys.

The quality and technology of their products has reached world class standards. They are the leading foundry manufacturer in China and are aiming to become the leading foundry manufacturer in Asia.  In China, Huade has seven branches, one institute and over 1,500 employees. 

4Range of Products

The main products are bent-axis design piston pumps and high pressure valves. They also produce power units, hydraulic steering units, planetary gearboxes, seals, machine tools and castings.  The main products are ISO 9001 Certificated.

The Hydraulic Centre has been importing Huade valves for some time.  They have proved to be of excellent quality, matching all manufacturer specifications.

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