Hydac has been providing hydraulic solutions for well over 45 years through innovation, quality and technology.

Hydac is an international company based in Sulzbach/Saar,Germany established in 1963. There are approximately 4,000 employees, over 1,000 approved partners and 40 branches worldwide.

The Hydac product range includes Filters, Accumulators, Cooling systems, Valves, Clamps & Accessories, Electronic & Diagnostic Equipment, Compact Hydraulics, Fluid Service Products and Industrial Processing Equipment.

Hydac offer a complete range of Hydraulic equipment for most Industrial and Mobile sectors. They include Injection Moulding Machine Tools, Hydraulic Presses, Pulp and Paper Mills, the Construction and Mining Industry, Food and Beverage, Steel and Heavy industry.

We carry large stocks of Hydac filters and elements and other equipment including -:Hydac Filters

Suction elements from 0015S125W to 0180S125W
Spin on cans 0160MA003BN, 0180MA10BN
Return elements from 0030R010BNHC to 0950R010BNHC
Pressure elements from 0030D003BNHC to 0660D010BHHC
Non return valves RV6 - RV40
Speed control valves DRV6 - DRV25
Flow control valves DV6 - DV16
Accumulators SB330,SB600

Now add The Hydraulic Centre as an approved partner for the Hydac product and you have a competent partner, since 1985.

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